Ken's Platform



 I’m running with a strong focus on environmental sustainability and conservation because we have an obligation to protect and preserve our strategic ecosystem. A thriving local economy begins with a clean and healthy environment. Our water resources will be especially crucial towards safeguarding our public health and we must work diligently to monitor our water. The County Commission must work with various public and private agencies to ensure that our water is clean and protected for future generations to ensure the vitality of our community.

North Central Florida is known for its springs, rivers, lakes, and incredible natural resources. As a result, our rich environment has become a cornerstone of our local economy. Preserving our natural resources will be critical for continued economic development.We must work with both the St. Johns River and Suwannee River Water Management Districts to ensure that our springs and lakes are being monitored for their minimum flow and quality levels, that our wetlands are protected, and that our community continues to lead in water conservation efforts. I will fight to ensure Alachua County continues to lead our State in how to steward our water resources to ensure that our community thrives for generations.


thriving economyEconomic development starts from within our own community. The economic engine of our two educational institutions, our three hospitals, our local government entities, and our private industry leaders must be encouraged to grow in a smart, sustainable manner to enhance our community with quality jobs at all levels that pay well so our friends and neighbors can live quality and meaningful lives.

A streamlined, efficient and effective local government that works hand in hand with other government agencies and the private sector is essential to building a thriving economy in Alachua County. Our process should be efficient, clear and predictable. A strong fiscal financial position allows our community to invest in the future while providing the highest level of community services our citizens require. To this end, our resources are not infinite. 

In order to effectively combat our budgetary challenges, it's important that the County Commission has a thorough understanding of the budget and challenges every dollar committed to ensure that the priorities of our community are properly funded.

I'm no different than any other small business owner who is trying to figure out how to add one or two more people to the payroll, or the father who wants to preserve our environmental treasures so our children can enjoy them with their children in the future.



Early education is the great equalizer that will help narrow the gap between the economically privileged and our most vulnerable children. We must focus our resources on these children and their education before, during, and after they enter the school system. For those in need, we must determine the most effective services that will educate and prepare our children for a brighter future. We must work proactively with the private and non-profit sector of our community in order to get the very most from each dollar invested to improve the outlook on our children's future.

We must challenge the status quo and ask ourselves, "Why is the economic disparity in our Community continuing to widen?" Never before has the spread between the economically privileged and the economically deprived been so great. Our policies should provide a bridge to this division, solutions to our problems, encourage inter agency cooperation, and give everyone an opportunity to contribute to improve our children's lives. Investing in our children and our neighborhoods will be absolutely vital towards creating an economy that works for everyone.


When I filed for office, I made a pledge not to accept any corporate or PAC contributions because I believe that elected officials should only be held accountable to their constituents. Today, the voices of Florida's residents are being drowned out by special interests and corporations. In Alachua County, I will continue to lead in the fight to reduce the power of special interests and money in politics and to ensure that elected officials are accountable to you, the peoplenot corporate boardrooms. I will fight to increase transparency, reduce corruption, and establish a government as good as its people. 

Alachua County citizens deserve a commissioner who listens, learns, and then works to accomplish our shared goals. I will always put the people of Alachua County first over any corporation.

       "Political advertisement paid for and approved by Ken Cornell, Democrat, for Alachua County Commission."